KN95 Face Mask With Filter

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KN95 Face Mask, Non-Woven layers are made of soft quality materials to not only ensure protection but maximize comfort. The form fitting nose guard is designed to mold to the users nose and provide a firm seal. The vertical seal also ensures a folding feature for easy transport and storage in pocket or drawer.

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  • These are reusable until they are damaged, contaminated or soiled
  • The n95 is the American Standard. The Kn95 is, as I understand, a Chinese similar product. It is in my opinion similar, but second to the American n95. Also the n95 is a solid more firmly formed and shaped mask. The Kn95 is less rigid, but fairly comparable. As a command medic, I feel the n95 is the safest, and the Kn95 is a good alternative in the absence of the American mask.


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